What Are Most Kind of Games Played Today

What game love people playing? It is a difficult question that i’ll try to answer to. We have flash games, windows games, or box games like PlayStation 3, Game Cube or Xbox, PSP or Nintendo DS. In my opinion Play Station is one of the most used all over the world. But what about short games like free flash games, everybody knows them. You can play at work, play at home download them to your phone.

First of all, the kind of game depends of who is playing. Everybody as played one day. First of all are the teens, who are always searching for new games to play. They all dream of having a playstation for boys or a nintendo DS for the girls. I know lots of teens that spends there time playing, at home, after school, in the bus, in every place they are.

Then the executives are often required to sit a few minutes before a relaxing game online. This peoples don’t waste their time at work, they just want to be free five minutes, release the stress of the day. This kind of people are interested in action games, puzzle games and strategy games. Now let’s talk about the women, we don’t know that but a lot of women play online,different kind of game, they prefer strategy games and action games.
They wait to be alone at home, to spend little time at this activity. The most played games over world are very classical games, with bubbles, cars, trucks, motos, chess. Everybody understand how to play to a flash games, they are simple you can jump, run, walk, shoot, go right, go left, that’s why people spend so much time playing on internet. The last reason is that most of them are free, you can play and not be charged. From all over the world we couldn’t say which country is playing more, but i know that the bigger countries are bigger players.
In conclusion, games have bright future.
If you want to play games for free have a look at game-4-free.com

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Rsync With synology

I have bought the NAs synology ds410, which is very cool and designe, it’s small but strong,
You could backup your server directly on this NAS using multiple protocols.

First thing you have to dio is to create a share directory on the NAS, using admin interface.

Once a share named Netbackup was created, you can connect to the server that you want to backup.
For exemple if you want to backup  /var/named to the synology just type on your server

# rsync -avzr /var/named/ rsync://

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Wasting time at work

Here is smal list of how we can waste time at work.

1. Games for free
You can play online all kind of flash games, if you want you can paste the code to your webpage.

Like the free game following.
Flash game footbal connect

Games for free – Free Flash Games Download

2. An other cool website is http://unevengoogle.com/

If you want a suggest me other wasting time, just mail me.

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Enable or disable teredo / isatap on windows seven

Juste click on start, Run and type cmd then netsh

netsh interface>teredo
netsh interface teredo>show

The following commands are available:

Commands inherited from the netsh context:
show alias – Lists all defined aliases.
show helper – Lists all the top-level helpers.
show mode – Shows the current mode.

Commands in this context:
show state – Shows Teredo state.
netsh interface teredo>show state
Teredo Parameters
Type : client
Server Name : teredo.ipv6.microsoft.com.
Client Refresh Interval : 30 seconds
Client Port : unspecified
State : qualified
Client Type : teredo host-specific relay
Network : unmanaged
NAT : restricted
NAT Special Behaviour : UPNP: No, PortPreserving: Yes
Local Mapping :
External NAT Mapping : 88.175.79.x:50758

Now that you have listed your teredo interface you can type

set state disabled


If you want to also disable isatap interface, just follow the commands

netsh interface>isatap
netsh interface isatap>show state
ISATAP State : default

netsh interface isatap>set state disabled

I’ve created this ticket because i was Hungry of seeing so much interfaces in my Windows.


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